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Spending money on premium products with no prior knowledge of what the product would look like or how well it would function is certainly a difficult decision to make and in most cases it results in anxiety in spending money. It would thus make more sense to provide our customers the opportunity to ‘Try first and then buy’ to emphasize on convenience and ease of shopping.

Although the concept is not entirely new, there are very few players within the Luxury and premium sector to employ this technique, thereby offering a competitive advantage. ‘Luxamour’ is one such company that provides a platform for its customers to try out premium products for free before making a purchase.


All business ideas are born as an inspired solution to the problems faced by man. Luxamour’s offering is no different, it Is simple yet profound. Banking on the aforementioned insight, it has proposed to sell premium products to its customers with the option of sampling the product before purchasing it.

Luxamour’s journey commenced a few years ago when its founder wanted to sample his favorite perfume before buying it online but the catch was, there was no digital platform available to request for a sample! Seeing that many people faced the same issue with shopping premium products online, he examined the various options available at his disposal.

Turns out its not as easy as one might have imagined. The lack of easy digital platforms to enable this service was a key concern, and even if there were, they were all defragmented digital channels depending on the scale of products or brands that they dealt with (local and international). Furthermore, brands that wanted to provide free samples to their customers and also increase brand visibility in doing so had no luck finding a suitable solution.

Shopping is a very personal experience which ought to be fun and hassle-free whilst also allowing customers to be indulged generously. Luxamour does just that! It provides with a cross-platform application where the users could discover and relish premium brands and products through sampling and carefully curated service. Its key goal is to render customers’ shopping experience happy and positive, and that their money is well spent. Additionally, it targets premium brands that have difficulty increasing their awareness online and offers a platform to showcase themselves in a positive light through the offering of inducements.


As a well-developed economy and a population with an appetite for shopping, it’s no surprise that eCommerce has become a big business in France. With over 26 million online shoppers, as well as an eCommerce market worth €65 billion, the number of digital shoppers in France is growing steady, with as many as 70.7 percent of the population shopping online in 2020


Honing on its promise to provide a safe and fulfilling shopping experience, Luxamour’s digital platform allows for users to order samples from the comfort of their own home be it on the website/ app or through its social media platforms. It empathizes with customers and vows fervently to make their shopping experience as easy as possible.

It does so via a single platform to search for samples of premium products regardless of the type of brand (local/ international) in 3 easy steps:

  1. Use your 3 trials and get €5 in your
  2. Make any purchase on the app and
    get a discount of €5.
  3. Get your 3 trials back.


As market for premium products will increase in coming years, Luxamour will play a prime role in providing best online buying experience to the users.